Why Our Weight Machines Help Our Clients Succeed

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At Hill Pro-Motion, we consciously selected our weight equipment to ensure that our clients have the best experience possible. We have chosen to use pneumatic equipment.  Pneumatic equipment uses air pressure for resistance.  This is vastly different from traditional weight-lifting equipment and allows us to make very small (or large) adjustments in resistance so that we can specifically challenge each individual. We were reminded of how important this difference is for our clients when we recently had a client, after completing his physical therapy with us, mention that he was disappointed in the equipment at his local gym. He said that he hadn’t realized how much easier the pneumatic machines at Hill Pro-Motion were for him to use.

So why is our equipment better for people who have experienced injury or have had surgery? We found a September 2017 article from livestrong.com that explains why pneumatic machines are better for people who have experienced a trauma to the muscles or joints. “Most free weight and traditional resistance machines involve beginning an exercise from a dead stop. Getting a weight moving from a dead stop is called overcoming the moment of inertia in physics and requires acceleration. In exercise, overcoming the moment of inertia places a rapid and dramatic load on your muscles. At this point your muscles, joints and tendons are at most risk of injury. Because you aren’t actually lifting a weight when you use compressed air gym equipment, there is no corresponding moment of inertia to overcome and therefore less potential for injury. This means that hydraulic exercise equipment is particularly suitable if you have a history of muscle or joint problems — especially compared with more traditional forms of resistance training.”

We have always sought to provide the best options for our clients at our facility. We offer aquatic therapy, class IV laser therapy and the most current techniques and exercises. But, in addition to all of that, our equipment is a huge part of our client’s success. It offers the right resistance for people dealing with an injury or recovering from surgery. It is another reason why Hill Pro-Motion is the best option. Come check us out!

Source: livestrong.com, September 11, 2017, Weight Machines That Use Compressed Air to Create Resistance by Patrick Dale.