Individualized Physical Therapy

Every patient is different, so we attend to the individual's needs in a welcoming atmosphere.


Specialized Aquatic Therapy

Reduce strain on muscles and joints while strengthening the body.


Proper Exercise & Technique

Because preventing injuries is just as important as treating them.

At Hill Pro-Motion, we treat you as an individual. We understand that every body has different aches and ailments, so our physical therapists will devise a plan of care for your specific needs. Whether you’ve suffered a sports injury, have been in an accident, or are just experiencing regular wear and tear on your body, our team is eager to help you and your body heal.
Acute Pain In Knee

Surgical Rehabilitation

Return to everyday life after surgery with the help of our caring professionals.


Whiplash is the painful result of neck injuries. Let us help you feel better.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can greatly limit your movement, but we can help you get it back.

Non-Surgical Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists help revitalize your body when surgery isn’t needed.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can greatly limit mobility. Our goal is to get you back on your feet.

Back Pain Treatment

Our team will create the best plan of action to treat your back pain causes and symptoms.

Neck Pain Treatment

Restore range of motion in your neck with the specialized help of Hill Pro-Motion.

Knee Pain

Our team can treat your knee pain and get you back to your regular activities.

Pinched Nerves

Your nerves are necessary for transmitting information; we’ll ensure they’re healthy.

These guys are so great at what they do! Been through many other physical therapy places and nothing compares to the care and environment that they provide. Thank you guys for everything!!

Luke O., Age 18

Thanks for help with my shoulder and Christian's walking. Both of us are doing much better. Almost sorta miss working with you.

Rosie K., Age 35

Excellent environment, friendly staff, and Zak is very knowledgeable! Great place to go!

Mallory D., Age 28