Shoulder pain can hinder your productivity and movement. Learn more about the shoulders’ anatomy and pain treatment.

Basic Shoulder Anatomy

The shoulder is made of three bones – the humerus, scapula and clavicle – which are connected by muscles, ligaments and tendons. The shoulder provides a large range of motion and allows humans to do many important daily tasks, which we often don’t realize until shoulder pain kicks in. Unfortunately, the shoulder is used in so many ways and so frequently that pain and injury is common.

Types of Pain and Treatment

Shoulder pain is common in athletes and in people of all ages who do repetitive arm motions. There are many different injuries associated with the shoulder: some may require surgery, while many incidences will benefit from manual therapy. Nonsurgical treatment involving rest and physical therapy will help each individual patient regain range of movement and ease shoulder pain.


Treat Your Shoulder Pain

At Hill Pro-Motion, we provide therapy to treat rotator cuff and labral tears, in addition to other common injuries and symptoms. For more information, contact us in Lee’s Summit at 816-607-7180 or online.

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