Nerves are physical tissues, similar to tendons and ligaments, and are responsible for transmitting information related to movement and sensation to and from the brain. Nerves require space, movement and blood in order to remain healthy and happy. So when nerves are restricted in movement or starved of blood, they may become irritated. This can cause various symptoms that can mimic the feeling of a pinched nerve or cause weakness and numbness, as well as more complex disorders.

A pinch can occur when repetitive motion causes compression of a nerve. Pinched nerves may cause pain to radiate through the legs, feet, neck, shoulders, and/or arms.

Dealing with Sciatica

Nerve pain in the leg is commonly referred to as sciatica. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body, running from the spinal cord, through the legs and to the feet. The sciatic nerve can easily become pinched, resulting in pain and a number of unpleasant symptoms. When the sciatic nerve is pinched, pain may radiate from the back to the legs and even to the toes. The proper use of physical therapy can relieve nerve pain and help strengthen the muscles in the back. This will help restore proper posture and relieve some of the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

pinched nerve recovery


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