Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Hill Pro Motion is the only physical therapy facility in Lee’s Summit that offers aquatic therapy to our clients. This form of therapy has huge benefits because the water causes natural changes within the body that allow for an optimal therapeutic experience.

Warm water helps to dilate blood vessels, which improves circulation to the muscles. At Hill, we always keep the pool at a cozy 90 degrees, which ensures that the water can provide these warming benefits to our clients. Water also has a natural tendency to dull our sense of touch. According to Andrew Stark from, the nervous system has a network of nerve endings in the skin and muscles and when under a constant stimulus, such as pressure from water, the nervous system will automatically dull the part of the brain that is responsible for sending sensory messages to the body. Stark said, “This can also help to dull muscle pain, making it easier for you to stretch your muscles to their full range of motion to speed up treatment.”

Another huge benefit of aquatic therapy is the resistance that water offers compared to air. This resistance forces you to move at a slower pace. According to Stark, “This allows the brain to process the signals from your muscles more thoroughly because it has more time, an ideal benefit for rebuilding muscle memory.”

Amanda demonstrating physical therapy exercises in the therapy pool.

As we mention, there are many benefits to aquatic therapy and our clients can utilize our therapy pool as part of their rehabilitation to help them achieve optimal results. If you currently utilize Hill for rehabilitation and are not yet utilizing the pool, ask your therapist for more information. It will help your muscles relax and your joints to move with greater ease. In addition, a therapist will work with you one-on-one in the pool to provide instruction and for your safety. Plus, it’s fun!

If you have not yet started working with a physical rehabilitation facility, consider Hill Pro-Motion. Our pool is a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else in this area and our staff is excited to partner with you on your journey to recovery.

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