Treating Back Pain

The physical therapists at Hill Pro-Motion are dedicated to helping every patient regain control of their body and feel comfortable at last. We want to help relieve back pain and lessen the restriction of your movement, but we know that your pain is unique. When we design your treatment, we keep in mind the cause and severity of your pain, the range of motion desired and the lifestyle you lead. Each of these factors affects your pain and your healing, and we will take each into consideration to provide the best treatment for you.

A Stretch isn’t Always Best

Not all low back pain is caused by the same mechanism or structure. Often patients are told or believe they have a pulled muscle and think stretching exercises will relieve their pain and heal the injured muscle. And although stretching exercises can be beneficial, due to the vast complexity of various structures of the spine, other injured joints or ligaments may manifest their symptoms as a pulled muscle. In this case, stretching exercises for lower back pain will not relieve pain efficiently, as not all structures respond well to stretching.

Back and Core Exercises

Another common prescription for back pain is to direct the patient to perform back exercises, which often also include exercise for the core. Core exercises are beneficial in most cases, however, not all back pain responds quickly to performing exercises that solely target the core. Patients that are proven to do extremely well with core exercises are those that have spondylolisthesis.

Decompression Techniques

Lastly, not all back exercises are for or limited to core strengthening. Exercises can be used as decompression techniques for back pain. Patients with nerve-related pain, or sciatica, respond extremely well to activity that allows the spine to decompress. This can also be done through manual therapy for the low back, or by mechanical traction. Determining which technique is most effective is simple to do after a thorough evaluation.

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